Sell Your Car to Curry

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We’ll buy any car! Not only do we sell new & used cars, but we’ll also buy cars, regardless of its age, mileage, or condition. Setting up an appointment isn’t necessary, and we’ll appraise your car for free in as little as 20 minutes. Each appraisal is backed with a written offer that stays the same for 14 days even if you don’t buy a car from us. Why Sell It To Us? Because cars are what we do …  We have buyers who visit all our locations daily and with Curry’s state of the art software, our clients benefit from research obtained through internet portals, giving us up to date real-time price quotes. Being in the car business since 1919, Curry Automotive is a sound financially secure corporation that has the funds to pay top dollar for your vehicle on the spot. At Curry, We Make It Easy… Just visit any Curry location, show us your car, make sure to bring the following:

  1. Your car’s title and pay-off information if applicable.
    We will need your title to transfer the car’s ownership, and it must be provided at the time of sale. All titleholders must be present to sign it over to us.
  2. Valid registration
    We must see the car’s current registration to confirm that you’re the car’s owner.
  3. Valid Photo ID
    All titleholders should bring a valid, state-issued photo identification.
  4. Keys and remote
    If the original keys and remote to the car are missing, we may adjust the offer.

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